Monday, January 10, 2011

Older than Australia!

Being in the UK reminds me very much of being back home in Oz... except of course that it is really bloody cold!! Its nice to be back in the world of free flowing beer and wine, cafe lunches and fine dining dinners. 

The past few days have been a tour of Northern England, York is a beautiful little English village where I enjoyed some local Ghost Hunting, was taught another word to add to my Nomad Dictionary and got some exercise climbing atop of York Minster for a spectacular albeit soggy view of the village.

My visit to Newcastle has consisted of Phil taking on the job of being my own personal tour guide and proceeding to point our how that almost everything we visited was... "Older than Australia!" Much to my amusement I was very fortunate to spot a "Geordie" in its natural habitat using the colloquial term "Pet", another word that will get a mention in my Nomad Dictionary. 

It seems there is nothing more Newcastle than Greggs; the local and now franchised bakery that started in the 1930's. There are hundreds of them, literally one on every corner selling a multitude of pasties, sausage rolls and the like.

Obligatory rest stops at various bars and restaurants featured heavily in our walking tours of the City and Tynemouth, and for the most part the skies have been blue and clear with just the right amount of Norther winter sun.... 

Big thank you to Phil and Yvonne for letting me stay and showing me the Geordie delights!

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  1. Way to go Nicole! You are really having a 'world' of a time. I'm really envious that you can do all this! Wish you all the best. Have fun and take care. I'll be following your adventures!