Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I love a city with a metro system

My last morning in London treated me to clear blue skies and sunshine, its nice to see the sun does shine there occasionally. The day before was raining and cold so I opted for the Bus Sightseeing Tour and got around to the London Eye (the view of it only as it was closed), Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and Buckingham Palace. By 3.30pm it was quickly growing dark and colder so I high tailed it back to the hostel. Although I enjoyed my time in London I really cannot understand how anyone could live there, the days are so short and it is perpetually grey, wet and miserable. My fav food in UK; fish pie and Sports Mixture.

Rant to follow: Kuwait Airways. Why? Why would I agree to fly Kuwait Airways? In a word Awful. Firstly, no alcohol. I have never wanted a G&T so badly in my life. Old hard seats, screaming child in front of me, old dude with scabby foot and orange toenail on my armrest from behind, powdered creamer for my cup of tea, movies with all kissing scenes removed.... Awful. Don't do it people.

But it was all worth it....Oh New I love thee! New York is my favourite city, I love being here, even though I am at the point now where I am despising cold weather, cold in New York is different.

I am staying in the uber cool area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, the view of the Manhattan skyline from my hostel (  was worth climbing the five flights of stairs laden with Jalan 55 plus one. This morning I found the best coffee I have had since my last visit to Melbourne or Italy, housed in its own roasting factory and this afternoon I sampled organic foods from the Union Square farmers market. I could stay here forever....

Today I swanned around being cultural and fabulous, visiting the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art, the exhibitions interesting; although it was almost as interesting just people watching.

I have one more day of New York fabulousness before I hit summer, I am very much looking forward a hit of vitamin D.

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