Sunday, January 16, 2011


Arrived in London at an ungodly hour this morning, found my hostel and then thought ok I have two days better get this gig going!

I have managed London Bridge, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Madam Tussauds as well as a lunch stop in Brick Lane. OMG LOVE that place...I was lucky to be visiting on a Sunday and the whole place was alive with food and "marketing".

On Tuesday I fly out for my short NYC stint before I hit Costa Rica so I have a lot to get through tomoz! Thinking 2 days in London definitely not enough so I have a reason to get back here sometime.

Amsterdam was great, such an interesting city, very eclectic with the canals, the architecture and culture... not to mention the legal prostitution and drugs! Stayed in an amazing hostel called Cocomama ( and met some very cool people who I ended up having drinks and hanging out with.

The Red Light District was pretty much what I expected, although I had heard that the women were really hot but I thought most of the ones I saw were pretty minging.... The "Coffee Shops" sold pretty much anything you wanted in the way of weed and some specialised in Space Cakes. There's a story there but we will save that for another day!!

It felt really great to be somewhere with so much character and where individuality is so diverse and socially acceptable.  I took the overnight Stena Line Cruise Liner from Hoek van Holland to London, that ship was even more awesome than the DFDS Seaways one on the way over.

Being in Amsterdam and now in London is making me feel very unstylish with my very small backpack wardrobe selection. I am over the cold and wet weather now and cannot wait to get my skin out (the newly acquired muffin top not so much) and into a new wardrobe designed for 25 degrees celcius plus!

Meeting up with a new friend Taryn tomorrow night for my last few drinks on this continent and no doubt they will be well deserved after the sightseeing frenzy in store for me tomorrow!

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