Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

I woke up this morning to the view of snow falling from Mog's garden room windows.... It has been a brilliant, relaxing and laughter filled few days for my first White Christmas and first UK visit.

I wasn't quite sure they were going to let me into the country, Casey and I got stuck into the Moet (after the wine and G&T's) and I was very merry when I arrived into Manchester (Manchestaaaar duck) and was faced with immigrations 20's questions! A missed train, a load of water, a lost (and then found) jacket later and we were Sheffield bound, following a taxi to Dore we greeted with wine and fish pie at what I now like to call Hotel Laycock.

A very Bridget Jones's Diary-esqe Christmas Eve party and mini pub crawl was following by a truely fantastic Christmas Day. Mog's completely outdone herself. Scrambled eggs w/ salmon, champagne cocktails, prawn cocktail, wine, tomato soup, wine, turkey and all the trimmings, wine and to top it all off brandy christmas pudding, flaming and filled with pound coins. Needless to say the day was centered around wine and food, great company, many laughs and more wine! Mog's is most definitely a woman after my own heart!!

Tomorrow we are Austria bound for a bit of Kitzbuhel NYE action... wine will be replaced with Gluehwein and the laughs will keep coming. By the time I reach Costa Rica I will be in desperate need of a detox, that is a certainty!

Thanks Mogs and the Laycock family for welcoming me into your home and lives this Christmas, it has been totes fabulous. Now...where is that wine... Xx

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