Tuesday, December 14, 2010

T - 7 days

Reality check... I am unemployed as of tomorrow, my apartment resembles something of a squat, my wardrobe consists of 3 pairs of pants, 4 tee shirts and 2 pairs of shoes, the high heels are binned, the hair straightener is about to be retired and my latest shopping expeditions have consisted of Swiss army knives, thermals and insect repellent!! Holy crap, this is really happening!!

Last few weeks have been intense, funny, sad and a little surreal. The beginning of the end really started with Casey and Lems coming over to my place for a very grown up dinner, which inevitably turned into vodka Malibu cocktails and drunk living room dancing in which they proceeded to don most of the items packed to sell at the Safa market. Casey resembled something of a homeless Dolly Parton and Lems a Fez wearing lunatic clutching a "Sexy Bitch" glass and S1 of Cougartown!! A sight they were leaving my place at 4am, the taxi driver mortified by the blond wig wearing ranting Casey and Joe dazed and confused to be woken up by a Moroccan-esque slurring and strangely dressed Lems. True love it is though as they married a few weeks later (Joe and Lems, not Casey and the Taxi driver!! Congrats Xx)....  

Since then it has been a flurry of packing, purging, brunching, laughing, sun downers, movies, Ladies nights and celebrating which will continue for the next week.

Super excited people!! 

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