Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spanish with Monkeys, Yoga with Scorpions & Suicide Showers!

The past week in Montezuma was relaxing and I was successful in my dedication to detoxing, exercising and learning...until Friday that was...

Our Spanish class consisted of a small group of students from Canada, USA, Norway, Germany and Australia as well as the local paleface monkeys that joined us in the trees surrounding our open air classroom. After a week of Spanish I feel much more confident but still have a long way to go in mastering the language.

Each morning I ran along the beach watching the sunrise, each sunrise different and beautiful. It was such a great time of the day to be awake, there was a light cool breeze and the hippy surfer village was still, the days in Montezuma were hot and humid and the town busling with tourists and market stalls. Yoga classes were a relaxing way to finish the day, the studio was open air overlooking the sea. At the end of each yoga class we finished with candlelight meditation, a very calming way to end the practise... except when the light is turned on and you discover a scorpion just inches from where you hands were just stretching out to...

One of my classmates is a cool Canadian chica Julie and we decided that we would stay on in Montezuma for a few more days after our stint at Escuela De Sol finished and visit Tortuga Island.

I was really well behaved all week but come Friday I thought I deserved some reward for my dedication. My classmates and teacher Wendy headed to a local resturant for dinner together and then to the local bar, Chicas. The only bar in town. Quite a lot of wine, a few beers and a couple tequilas followed along with dancing and partying into the early hours. The following day Julie and I went to Tortuga Island, we snorkelled, we lazed, we ate and we lazed...the night before had taken a bit of a toll!

We had to check out of Escuela the same day and had arranged to stay in the village at what turned out to be the worst and most expensive place I have stayed at so far. The walls were paper thin, there was a strange smell and the shower, although hot was what is commonly known here as a "Suicide Shower". A water heating system attached to the top of the shower rose, exposed wiring and all! Luckily both Julie and I escaped unscathed.

After three nights of Chicas, the only bar in town, it was time to move on. Julie and I were both keen to visit Monteverde and Arenal and decided to do the next leg of the trip together...

Bus - Ferry - Bus - 9 hours later we arrived to chilly but welcome mountain breezes.

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