Monday, February 28, 2011

Estudiar muchas haces blog entrar aburrido entrada....

I can easily understand how people come to visit Samara and then end up staying for months or years, is it a beautiful relaxed small town on the Pacific coast where the sun shines intensely, the water is cool and inviting and the pace is set to Tico time.

As I anticipated, I stayed in Samara for my last 10 days in Costa Rica and could have easily stayed longer. My life there consisted of early morning runs on the beach, daily private Spanish lessons and yoga classes, cooking healthy meals, tanning and studying beach side with a Batido in hand; trying desperately to concentrate on my tarea instead of the cute waiter and surfers... I easily became accustom to the lifestyle.

I did get away from tanning and studying long enough to hit the Samara Trail, a great hiking trail high above Samara. My guide Alvaro created the trail within land that has been owned by his family for generations. Originally all the land in the area was used for cattle farming which pretty much destroys the landscape, ecosystems and natural wildlife, for the past 25 years Alvaro´s family left the land for mother nature to reclaim and regenerate resulting in a beautiful dry rainforest.

One of the things I wanted to try while in Samara was Sea Kayaking and Alvaro offered to take me out and make sure I didn´t drown. I think I should mention at this point that Alvaro is a very tall and handsome Tico so I couldn´t possibly let that opportunity pass me by! A couple days later, as the scorching early afternoon sun beat down we set out, about an hour or so later we arrived at Isla Chora, a beautiful little island off the coast and a fantastic spot to swim. Sea Kayaking was great, I loved it and thanks to Alvaro I avoided wiping out during the landings and escaped with nothing more than a few blisters and a a fun afternoon in the sun with a muy guapo Tico.

I met some great people in Samara which made my time there even more enjoyable, staying at the hostel was like staying at a friends place with great company and many laughs and the locals I met were so welcoming, friendly and went out of their way to help. I had been so studious and well behaved so on my last night I thought it high time to misbehave a little. We headed out for drinks and I played my first (and probably last) game of foosball, which I completely sucked at.

True to form I stayed out way too late, drank too much, had too much fun and woke the next morning hungover with a 5 hour bus trip ahead of me, I do it every time! On the upside the bus was airconditioned and once the first hour of winding roads and the sensation to hurl passed the rest of the trip was relatively painless. 

When I arrived at the hostel near the airport in San Jose I was greated by Simon and Ed, the two super cute and tanned British surfers I had met during my first week in Costa Rica. It was great to catch up and hear about the rest of their travels and take them on in Round 2 of international UNO championships. They are off to the US to visit J Lee and learn pottery, I hope to make it there and do the same later this year.

Costa Rica has been a brillant and amazing adventure and I am a little sad to be leaving, I could easily spend more time here and would like to see the Carribean coast in the future.

On the upside, I am off to Brazil tonight. Hello Rio de Janeiro and Carnival!

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