Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half way around the world and back again

My few days in LA were a breath of fresh air and it was an absolute joy to be there. Warm blue sky Californian summer days, late cafe breakfasts, live music, great friends and ticks in all of my to-do list boxes.

Being back in a metropolis, back in my old-real world was surprisingly agreeable, it certainly did not hurt that I was completely spoilt rotten!

Jamie put me to work on the first day with a little removalist work-out, we followed up our working afternoon with a spot of shoe shopping and a thirst quenching pear cider....or five.

That evening I got a taste of an American, formerly junior high only sporting phenomenon "Dodgeball". Previously I thought Dodgeball was simply the cinematic comedic brilliance of Ben Stiller, but no, it is seriously competitive stuff. A high energy combination of concentration, coordination, retro fashions and musical flashback... if its not already back in Oz I am bringing it!

My LA stopover was sweet but way too short, before I knew it I was en-route to Thailand for some more of my old real world.

A week in tropical paradise... Old friends, a beach wedding, my own tranquil waterfront villa, bachelor/ette shenanigans, tanning, a burnt esophagus, Buckets, Dvd's, sweating, sleeping and future lifestyle designing was how I spent my seven days in Koh Samui.

After six months of being on the move, forever forging on towards a new destination, trying a new activity and constantly meeting new people I found it a little difficult to be idle... I can only imagine it as a taste of what lies ahead when I return to Melbourne later this year.

For now though there is only more new places and people on the horizon as I board another plane and long-haul my ass back to the US for the next chapter of my crazy adventure.

Stay tuned...

Dodgeball fashionistas!

Junior high sports for grown ups

The ever fabulous Jamie & Alex

Two vodka Nicole!

Bachelor / ette monkeyshines

Me and Lems

Super cute couple of the day

Twilight Koh Samui

Beach beauty @ dusk

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