Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Killing time @ The End Of The World

I quite often have a reoccuring thought, usually its when I am in the midst of some arduous enterprise or sometimes its after several tequilla shots... "What was I thinking?". Today two hours into my six hour hike up to Glaciar Martial; as the rain fell and the icy wind whipped my face, that was the thought running through my head.

I arrived back on dry land a few days ago now and after a day of much needed down time I was ready to get out and explore "The End of the World", otherwise known as Ushuaia, the most southerly city in Argentina and the world!

My new crew of friends from the Plancius had disbanded, some of them have gone home and others onto their next destinations and adventures. With a couple of days to kill, fellow Aussie, Kerry and I decided to hit up Tierra del Fuego National Park. Blessed with a gorgeous day we spent hours exploring the mountains, sea and woods that form the parks landscape.

Kerry headed off this morning and I had already decided to dedicate the day to "Operation Boat Belly" so I set off on a 16km round trip trek to Glaciar Martial. Luckily, on many of the occasions when my reoccuring thought pops up, its a case of "alls well that ends well". After a three hour uphill trek I reached the base of the glaciar and at the same time the sun appeared from the grey blanket that was covering the sky, captivating the beauty of the Beech trees that covered the mountains below.

I am well and truly ready for my next destination; Nicole and cold weather - not friends. Tomorrow I am a flight and an overnight bus away from sunshine and wine as I head to meet up with Kerry in Mendoza, Argentinas Malbec territory. Operation Boat Belly could be in trouble!!

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